How To Stock A Home Bar


So there we were, harping on about the transition among booze-connaisseurs from simply having a well-stocked home bar to toying with DIY vermouths, home-ageing whiskey, micro-stills, and all the rest of it.

And then a young chap, well-dressed and likeable enough, stopped us at a certain local drinking establishment recently and asked, “Mr Boilermaker,” (an epithet that seems to be sticking), “how exactly does one stock his home bar? I just seem to keep emptying mine!”

The despair was obvious. Why, the poor sop was nigh on tears. So without a moment’s hesitation I directed the beleaguered soul to a recent Mr Porter post on precisely this subject. Penned by booze author Marshall Altier, it’s a simple enough affair ostensibly aimed at the virginal home cocktailian – but it will also whisk him all the way from “what’s a strainer?” right up to Chartreuse-stocking enthusiast in a mere five easy steps (and all illustrated rather elegantly by the talented Anje Jager, no less). Well, you can’t ask fairer than that. And neither did the sop.

Source: Mr Porter
Image credit: Anje Jager

PS. cf. this related piece on drinks.seriouseats about the 12 bottle home bar.