Karlsson Unfiltered


The gap between marketing ploy and honourable brand initiative can be a furry wee beast. Does Brand X actually give a damn? Or is it really just about the dollar dollar bill y’all?

The default setting for most of us today is that of begrudgingly accepting cynicism (“I’m sure they mean well, but of course it always comes back to the profit line. Such is the way of capitalism. Sigh.” etc.). But when done¬†right, brand-associated creative initiatives can sometimes be bizarrely reaffirming little devils.

Now we’re not saying that Karlsson’s Gold Vodka is necessarily a 100% philanthropic vodka outfit. But their new Unfiltered project somehow fills us with a soft, lilting glow.

The tag line ‘Born from the belief that good ideas are best left unfiltered’ suggests a company that might have finally joined the rest of the world in the realization that ‘brand control’ is all too often a constrictive if not down right obliterating force for creatives. Yet they ethic also manages to reflect their core ideas as a distiller (of course, show me a decent campaign that doesn’t do that bit).

We’ll have to wait and see how this meddle-free approach to Vodka-sponsored creativity will stand up to the demands of a global marketplace. But call us anachronistically romantic boozehounds (if you can get your lips around it), but our fingers are firmly crossed for the positive in this case. And no, they didn’t pay us to say that. Cynics.

Source: Unfiltered Ideas