Monkey Shoulder Chocolate Trail

There’s something in the water at William Grant… Take this cute bit of Easter activity from the chaps at Monkey Shoulder. Guests get to rifle like hungry children through the throngs of indoor undergrowth in search for little coloured eggs. Nothing over the top. One egg equals one Monkey Shoulder cocktail (including a svelte chocolate-dashed Rob Roy-ish number). Easy, simple, low-key and in a wonderfully designed space. And most of all, fun. You know, real fun (as in: not PR fun).

Which brings us back to the water at William Grant HQ. For only the week after this (also not long after those Sailor Jerry Jeffrey Wests) we finally got around to the remarkable five-course, Victorian-inspired menu at the Young Turks restaurant hidden above The Ten Bells (Jack the Ripper’s local, as it happens) in East London. The food was sumptuous (see the image above), punctuated by a fleet of Hendrick’s cocktails including a beast of a Martinez to round things off. But, once more, the branding wasn’t in the least down-your-throat just a confident booze brand pleasantly supporting an inspiring collective of young chefs. Again: easy.

The Young Turks restaurant closes at the end of the month. So if you’re in London in the next fortnight, make sure you add it to your must-eat list.

Further reading: spend five minutes with this inspired short about the Young Turks by London Sessions, check out our interview with Hendrick’s Duncan McRae here, and our photos from both the Monkey Shoulder and Hendrick’s/Young Turks events below (the food shots are from the latter). Bon appetit!