Mr Miller’s Boiler Maker


As we’ve mentioned previously, recipes aren’t why we’re here. But as we’ve also mentioned previously, Boilermaker bend that particular rule over its knee and give it a good disciplinary hiding. (Got to love boilermakers for their unruly behaviour.)

This particular side-stepping of the recipe-rules comes all the way from those Antipodean arbiters of liquid taste, Broadsheet. They commissioned the boys at Melbourne’s Go Go Bar (which, incidentally, stands beneath a restaurant called Chin Chin. Small world.) to conjure ‘five martinis for five days’… But what, I hear you ask, does a shot-and-a-beer have to do with the line-up of intriguing washes, smokes and other such variations?

Candice Longmire, it seems has the answer.

It’s name is Mr Miller’s Boiler Maker. And for it, we are a thousand times grateful. Not to mention just a little Wednesday afternoon inspired. Even if it doesn’t actually involve any beer. (Fellas, break out the Westbourne Strength! Incoming!)


‘Mr Miller’s Boiler Maker’ is the martini version of the bartender’s favourite ‘beer and a shot’, matching up spicy Goslings Rum rinse with Martin Miller’s Westbourne strength and Antica Formula. … You drink this by sipping the martini and then tasting the shot of rum and working your way back and forth.

60ml Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength Gin
3 Bar spoons Antica Formula Vermouth
30ml Goslings Rum
Big Ass Orange Twist

Rinse your glass by placing ice in a Martini glass and pouring Goslings Rum over the ice. In a mixing glass place the Millers and Antica Formula, add some sexy ice and stir down until cold and delicious. With a Julep strainer, hold back the ice in your Martini glass and pour the Rum into a shot glass, spinning the glass as you pour. Julep-strain the Martini into your rinsed glass, zest the orange twist and serve. Best way to enjoy ‘Mr Miller’s Boiler Maker’ is to have a sip of the martini, wait for the rum to come through, sip your rum and go back to your martini, repeat.

Source: Broadsheet
Photo credit: Peter Tarasiuk