Scotch In A Can


Ready-To-Drink beverages (also known as RTDs to the acronymically inclined within the booze industry, though we personally wince at the implied proximity o Sexually Transmitted neighbours – unless that’s the point) are big bucks. (As are STDs, now that we think about it. But let’s leave that whole parenthetical can of worms there for the time being.)

The list of pre-prepped possibilities is nigh on endless, reaching right from simple spirit-mixers through to actual, although we’ll use the term with a little flexibility, cocktails. Jack Daniels with Coke, Absolut Cosmopolitans, Bacardi Mojitos, a whole army of gins and vodkas with limp tonics. But then there’s this little number from Scottish Spirits. It’s Scotch. In a can. Yep, Scotch in a can. And that’s about it. 12 whole ounces (your standard 330ml can in British money) of, apparently, straight whisky that’s been “distilled and matured in Scotland for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks.”

As ABC News observes: “The cans are re-sealable, as the company does not endorse drinking a whole can in one sitting.”

Which is kind of handy. Particularly when you do the mathematics and realise that there’s a good seven double-shots of the surely less-than-premium stuff lurking in that little baby. ‘Ready To Drink’? Well, that might be pushing it. But at least it’s travel-sized. We’ll give it that.

Source: Scottish Spirits
Via: ABC News