Stewed, Shoed & Tattooed


With a title like that (a cheeky play on Norman ‘Sailor’ Jerry’s old ‘Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed’ slogan), how can a man of alcohol and ink not fall head-over-heels with this as a booze-led collaboration?

Rum, handcrafted British leather shoes, more rum, and some mean tattoo skills – this might be our ultimate brand pair-up from the last few months, if not longer.

And that’s not just because our fully-styled boots are as mean as the surliest ol’ soul in all of Hades. (If anyone’s wondering, the message carved into the boots above is pulled straight from our tombstone-in-waiting. Really. Take that rock ‘n’ roll…)

Artist Aasen Stephenson was let loose on the boots with his gleaming tattoo gun (sans ink, so this was actually more like motorized scarring than tattooing – not that we’re a-complaining). Sailor Jerry provided the booze (with some of their higher-ABV US stock in attendance, much to our glee). Jeffery West was on the scene from the shoe front, celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary no less. And Selfridge’s played host to the whole shebang with aplomb.

Craftsmanship, creative tattooing, killer gentlemanly style, alcohol, a great crowd and an all-round total lack of pretention (something that many brand pair-ups suffer agonisingly). If you missed it, we can only lend you our sympathies. But here’s hoping to a long and prosperous future to this brand hook-up. The week-long exercise ticked so many of our boxes, it’s actually kind of worrying. Did they know we were in the area, ou quoi?

Source: Selfridge’s