The Dream of the 1890s


Ironic videos might well abound, endearingly poking fun at the artisanal bar and food movements and the general air of excessive revivalism. But this – this Portlandia music video – this is just genius.

“Do you remember in the ’90s when everyone was pickling their own vegetables and brewing their own beer? People were growing out their mutton-chops and waxing their handlebar moustaches… People were wearing glasses all the time like contact lenses had never been invented… Belts didn’t really exist yet and everyone wore suspenders… Everyone used to carve their own ice-cubes.

I thought that died out 120 years ago. 

Not in Portland.” 

So wax your ‘tache, polish up your pince nez, hand-carve a block of ice for that Smoked Negroni you’ve been barrel-aging, then crank up the volume and enjoy!