Unholy Wine


There is an old truism for bar-folk, passed down from bartending generation to generation, regarding the holy trinity of small talk no-nos. In the quest for decorum and social inclusion, thou shalt not discuss any of the following across the hallowed bar top on pain of death (presumably by tequila consumption).

To wit, the three accursed subjects are:
Sport; and

Now that’s all well and good for booze-infused conversation. But what about when it comes to the liquid inside your glass?

Still in concept form, Daniel Brokstad’s Possession: The Unholy Wine Collection is a quirky, presumably tongue-in-cheek trio of red wines – “Evil Demon Bloody Shiraz”, “Haunting Ghost Spooky Cabernet” and “Old Witch Cursed Pinot Noir” – all served up in a fittingly coffin-shaped box.

Obvious? Perhaps. Crass? Just a touch. But a well-executed project that offers a decidedly fun take on the sometimes too serious (and oft poorly designed) world of contemporary wine nonetheless. Plus a sure ten-out-of-ten when All Hallow’s swings around.

Source: Daniel Brokstad
Via: Dieline