We Are What We Eat


Perhaps related to the current interest in culinary provenance and community coupled with a little of what trend analysis types are calling the “Quantified Self” movement (cf. Daytum, Nike+, Platter, etc.), the Massive Health data viz microsite explores, rather neatly, some intriguing complexities surrounding our consumption of food (using their Eatery app, as it happens). When, where, what, with whom (social influence over decision-making is always an interesting one) and the gap between how healthily we think we eat and what we actually stuff down our gullets all fall before their charmingly-illustrated scrutiny.

As with all such projects, the process of trusting and analysing crowd-sourced data is more than a touch problematic (have a flick through this article for an example of issues with self-reporting alcohol consumption). Nevertheless, it’s a distinctly interesting set of topics the Massive Health folk have got covered. And all rendered simply (perhaps a little too simply?) and attractively enough to warrant two minutes of your attention at the very least. So git. Pronto.

Source: Massive Health