Whisky Barrel Sunglasses


Booze-branded clothing collaborations may not be anything new (consider the army of ubiquitous Jack Daniel’s t-shirts, Jägermeister bandanas and Southern Comfort trucker caps that are out there). But clothing brand collaborations that don’t actually lead one to reflexively retch on impulse – now those are rather fewer and farther between.

Personally, we’re going to load the blame on the ongoing fiscal mire (the impetus behind much of the corporate creativity out there), coupled with the rise-and-rise of brand-led social media outreach initiatives (somewhat more hit-and-miss). Although when we say ‘blame’, of course what we actually mean is ‘once more give thanks and gratitude to’.

Take the recent Bushmills x Shwood sunglasses pair-up. Yes, sunglasses frames made out of used whiskey barrel staves could have been so cheap and trend-chasingly crass as to be offensive. Yet, somehow, like the Sailor Jerry’s x Jeffrey West partnership from last week, we were pleased to find ourselves hovering joyously over that ‘buy’ button. Or at least until they sold out. Oh well.

Source: Shwood