Whisky Blender


Few activities are as satisfying to the domesticated gentleman as a little Do It Thineself. Why get someone else to do simply what you can otherwise slave over for hours? Perhaps it’s the closest a gent can get to being a craftsman in today’s high-speed existence… Sure, botching together (ahem: constructing) an IKEA bookshelf is surely a far cry from lovingly hand-carving every dovetail by hand. But we’re a simple breed, us men-folk. Go figure.

With this in mind, it follows that the only thing thing better than the whisky you drink (and everyone knows how phenomenal a tasty dram is) would be the whisky you make yourself…

The Whisky Blender website is to the art of distilling what Net A Porter is to boutique retail: a simple, easy-to-use digital solution for the time-selective (a more pleasant term than ‘time-poor’, we feel).

Pick from your seven base single malts, all with their own flavour descriptors like Banana Split, Smoke on the Water and Burnt Puddin’. Fill your virtual bottle with as few or many bases as you fancy, in either 10ml or 100ml increments. Presto. All that remains is to press ‘Buy Now’ and wait till your unique, £50-odd bottle of personally-blended whisky arrives in the flesh on your doorstep. Although, unlike a certain Swedish furniture company, there are no missing parts to blame when your ‘hard work’ doesn’t quite turn out as planned.

Source: Whisky Blender