Jameson x Reservoir Dogs


If it is indeed possible to express aspects of life through mathematical equations, and you’re looking for something to do this week, then try this one on:

y = (grain + yeast + distillation + The Old Country) x (cloth + training) x (film + guns)

Which, if we bust out those brackets and substitute y for Jameson Cult Film Club, makes a little more sense as this:

Jameson Cult Film Club = whiskey x bespoke tailoring x Quentin Tarantino flicks

Of course, maths is hardly for everyone. So another way of saying the above (perhaps with a little less bovine manure) is this: tonight, this very eve, Jameson are hosting a screening of Reservoir Dogs for their latest Cult Film Club. 500 seats. All free. And to, ahem, ‘tie’ into this, they’ve commissioned Savile Row-trained tailor Richard William Green to design them an update to the iconic LBS (that’s ‘Little Black Suit’ to the acronymically-challenged) from Tarantino’s 20 year old classic. Well, every wardrobe needs an update from time to time. Even the most classic.

So to the competition: With the timing for this so perfect, the good folk at Jameson have also given us two prizes, each consisting of a limited edition spotted tie designed by Mr Green worth £150 plus a bottle of Jameson’s finest to sink in good company.

To enter the competition, just ping us your email and we’ll pick two lucky chaps at random at 6pm tomorrow (Friday Mach 1st).





Small print: open to residents of dear ol’ Blighty only. All entrants will also be added to The Boilermaker mailing list. And other than the two winners’ contact details, we’ll share none of your info with anyone else. Because that would be more than a little rude. To find out more about the Jameson Cult Film Club visit them on Facebook.