Happiness Brewery


So you think bottling sound is awesome? That’s nothing. Try bottling memory. We warned you that metaphysical drinks were the future. You should have listened.

Science has passionately argued for (if not proven) the innate correlation between flavour and memory. But what if the balance of that relationship could be shifted and, through a little artistic sleight of hand, those flavour-associated memories could be captured; be made manifest and tangible; corked…

Okay, so technically the chaps at the The Happiness Brewery Project are just labelling these memories (albeit with manifest poeticism) and affixing them to brown vintage-esque pharmacy/perfume bottles. But every great creation begins with a dream. And we vehemently support the principal of this dream. Picture an alcohological parallel to CB I Hate Perfume. And then tell me you’re not feeling just a little inspired too.

via: Protein