Monkey Shoulder iSpoon


Behold the Art of (Bar) Spooning! Surely you recall the quaintly entertaining I Love Barspoons counter-meme of 2011? Well, now Monkey Shoulder are picking up the proverbial barspoon-ball and running with it an awful lot further (in part due to a significantly grander production budget and aesthetic, but also a fantastic little tool: their genius little – or large – extendable bar spoon).

Sporting a cracking line-up of some of London’s finest bar-keeps, together with a brand-tongue wedged firmly in-cheek, this 3 minute short is absolutely worth a watch, a chortle (especially for the innuendo-thick tête-a-tête between real-life couple Andrea Montague and Stuart Hudson), and peut-être a social media share – if that’s your metaphorical bag.

And no, this post was not sponsored in the slightest. Although we do possess and regularly employ one of those charming bar-battons, first revealed to much industry aplomb at this year’s Cocktail Spirits in Paris. So, today’s lesson? It’s all in the fingers.