Neat Ice Kit


When it comes to crystal clear chunks of ice, we usually send folk to the esteemed and (self-)hallowed Ice King of the Internet, Camper English. However, if you can’t be bothered with simply-explained basic thermodynamics or Camper’s amazing (if a touch ugly; sorry Mr E) DIY giant ice cube maker, then mayhap you should try this new prototype from Studio Neat that’s currently burning up over on Kickstarter.

While it does technically only produce half of a crystal clear block, that half is pretty damn clear. Plus, we’ve got to admit: using the other cloudier half for cocktail shaking or crushing (with the included Lewis bag and muddler/mallet) is a stroke of marketing genius. So too their the svelte ice chisel cum bottle opener. But the project ends September 27th, so be swift with thine pre-ordering.

Buy: Neat Ice Kit ($50 via Kickstarter)