You are the future of home bartending. You are the latest iteration in the ’30s martini-making host or the ’60s manhattan-quaffing Playboy. You relish delving into the world of sous-vide cordials and homemade rotavap knock-offs, and you want tools that make that possible while fitting in with your modern lifestyle.

You got all excited over the prospect of home sous vide with the svelte Sansaire. And now, you can control all forms of temperature-consistent projects with Supermechanical’s Range, a prototype smart thermometer that’s bang in the middle of its backing-period over on Kickstarter.

From homebrewing to Harold McGee’s new-era slow caramelization, Range brings live data charts and remote notifications to any Apple iOs device, making it perfect for both small-scale R&D and lazy (but degree-perfect) Sunday roasts. Plus it looks cute. Which is always a bonus with kitchen tech.

Pre-Order: Range ($54-$73)