The Map Notebook


There is a certain breed of masculine bore who, steadfast and furious, refuses to admit that he is lost when he is precisely that. His angry stubbornness coils the situation upon itself like the crush of a jungle boa. The modern gentleman, on the other hand, is never lost.

Instead, with polite curiosity, the enlightened gent embraces whatever happenstance has taken him off his well-trodden path. He lets the world take him wither it will. He wanders his own path, discovers the shifting novelties within the world around him. And this map, this is for such a man as he.

The very antithesis of mobile GPS knowingness, the Map Notebook from Best Made Co is a tool to record the world around you (complete with gridded pages and an icon key for those whose scouting skills might be a little rusty) rather than a didactic device to stem discovery, wonder and imagination with prescription and those pesky beasts they call ‘truth’ and ‘fact’ and ‘reality’. Be your own man; chart your own paths; make your own maps. And if you get a little lost along the way, then all the better.

Purchase: Best Made Map Notebook, $20

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