W&P Cocktail Kit


Bartenders and their kit bags – they’re like children and their toy boxes. Only classier. And presumably at least a little tipsier. Yet, whether it’s a lust-worthy leather Jim Meehan icon, a converted 1950s suitcase liquor cabinet or a custom-made champagne carryall, a place to keep one’s drinking accoutrements is, to our mind at least, something of a necessity.

And if you lean towards the culture of modern easygoing craft – the world of Best Made Co., of ACL, of Labour & Wait – then why not pack yourself a liquid picnic in this W&P canvas and leather Mason Bag, which comes replete with a bonafide (and now refined) Mason Shaker and a W&P cocktail set including linen napkins and those cute little Picardie tumblers that you’ll recognise from your friendly, neighbourhood drinking den.

Source: Mason Shaker, $279