On The Tip Of My Tongue


The tongue is a fascinating beast. But apparently it’s capable of being a lot more than just a muscular hydrostat and organ of taste (and passion). Kai Kunze’s latest academic paper suggests that the talented muscle also has the potential to interface with your mobile technology. That’s right: an iTongue. Well, sort of.

Tasked with on-demand quad-directional swiping and prodding via cheek-mounted sensor pads, Kai’s 300 test subjects had a 98% accuracy rate. And if you consider how often you swear at your currently finger-driven iDevice for not doing as its told, that’s not really too bad.

The Osaka-based researcher is thinking along the lines of control-embedded flu masks and motorcycle visors and ski helmets. But I’m sure we could come up with something more interesting than that. Like interactive scratch and sniff ebooks? Or digital balaclavas for 21st century bank robbers? Just saying: don’t take the humble organ for granted any more – who knows what the future holds.

Via: New Scientist
Image source: Addie Chinn for Drink Factory