The Many Varieties of Whiskey


What could be more satisfying than the successful unification of nerdistry and alcohol? Why, surely the unification of nerdistry and alcohol and craftsmanship. That’s the holy trinity right there. Throw in a bow tie and a gleaming pair of double monks and you have the very embodiment of modern male happiness.

So, for any ‘modern liquor-savvy chaps’, this one’s for you:

It comes from the same good folk who brought us the Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohol and the Constitution of Classic Cocktails, which is a good start. As with their last projects, it scratches your simultaneous itches for alcoholigical reference and data visualisation (which we should heretofore call what: Infogralcoholics? Alcographics? Data Vizualibations?). And it elegantly records a taxonomy of far, far too many whisky and whiskey distilleries.

So behold, The Many Varieties of Whiskey. In its Limited Edition format. As a Wood Engraving. Oh yes.

Fair enough, it’s not quite definitive (where, for example, are your non-conformist Asian whiskies? And what about that new craft distillery that your friend’s friend just opened in New York/Melbourne/Skegness?).

But it is available as a limited edition wood engraving, some two feet tall, and you know it will look good on your study/office/den/bar wall. Plus, you get bonus points for the fact that apparently “each engraving is cut on responsibly harvested cherry veneer and is accompanied by distressed steel strapping and four brass truss screws [and is] lasered on a Trotec Speedy 400 machine by BKLZR in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.” Which is always a win.

Buy: Pop Chart Lab, $185