Whisky Reference Series


Picture this: you, a gentleman of unstinting taste and class, are taking a moment in your personal library. The very walls around you swell with centuries of human knowledge, its shelves stacked from mahogany floor to alcoved ceiling with tome upon well-thumbed tome of fiction, poetry and historical reference. After a long day spent in intense pondering, you settle into a leather wingback, book in hand. Beside your throne, two golden fingers of your favourite old Scotch keep you company. You breathe deep and, after a heartbeat, let out a sigh – content, at peace, wiser than the day before – your lungs filled at once with liquor and learning.

What I have just described is, surely, the earthly expression of heaven itself. Nirvana, enlightenment, found in the space between page and glass.

A gentleman recently enquired of us: Dear Mr Boilermaker, would it be possible, in your humble opinion, to combine both of these glories – to condense learning and alcohol, wisdom and whisky – into a single vial? And if so, he continued, of what would that divine combination taste?

The answers, respectively, are yes, and frankly rather tasty. And if you don’t believe us, you should at once broach your liquid learning with the three-stage Master of Malt Whisky Reference Series here, then here, and when you’re ready for their final lesson, here.

Source: Master of Malt
Photo Credit: Addie Chinn