About The Boilermaker

Read. Drink. And Be Merry.
For what more can one ask in this life?

The Boilermaker is a London-centric journal, created by drinks photographer and writer Addie Chinn, dedicated to the style-savvy drinking world. Combining the latest and most unique products, trends, venues and events together with matters of Social Alcohology and gentlemanly style, our goal is to inspireeducate, and celebrate.

We aren’t snobs. We enjoy our Thursday afternoon “beer-and-a-chilled-Jäger-please-barkeep” (hence The Boilermaker as our name), as much as a perfectly-crafted Sazerac, molecularly-deconstructed Piña Colada, Campari on the rocks or invigorating Yirgacheffe pour-over. In other words: we are the same proudly well-lubricated modern men and women as you. Salut!

So welcome to The BoilermakerThe Gentleman’s Journal of Drink.

(Drink Responsibly? We prefer Responsibly Drunk.)