Long Reads


Food & Art Through The Ages

Our intrepid field notes, direct from Tasha Marks’ learned talk, together with Grey Goose, on the thousand year history of food as an art form.


6 Trends From World Class 2013

A few thoughts, trends and observations from our notebook while on assignment (on a yacht in the Mediterranean) for Diageo’s World Class global finals.

The Boilermaker | Dushan Zaric

Dushan Zaric

Dushan Zaric, co-founder of New York’s Employees Only and Macao Trading Co, speaks (rather candidly) about mindful bartending, Jerry Thomas, & the importance of sex to a great bar.


Allen Katz

Distiller & founder of the New York Distilling Company, Allen Katz talks to us about provenance, Rock ‘n’ Rye & launching the U.S.’s first Navy Strength & ‘American’ Gins.


Duncan McRae

This is Duncan McRae, Hendrick’s Gin’s UK Brand Ambassador. He talks to us about the role of heritage & entertainment, the true power of the customer & his dislike of ‘perfect serves.’


Alex Kammerling

Alex Kammerling, the man behind the new eponymous spirit, Kamm & Sons, talks labours-of-love, heritage and finding inspiration in the strangest of places.


Tony Conigliaro

Tony Conigliaro (of 69 Colebrooke Row and the new ZTH cocktail bar) talks bespoke bitters and cocktail dioramas, storytelling, the thirst for knowledge and freezing time itself.