Short Reads


Cocktail How (Not) Tos

Self-deprecating, charmingly ridiculous and thoroughly engrossing, here’s a how-to and how-not-to for cocktail instructionals. Warning: slow-motion car crash ahead…


3D On The Rocks

The hand-carved, retro-modern, ultra-craft ice sphere is dead. Long live the ice astronaut!

Whisky Reference Series

If you could condense wisdom and whisky into a single vial, of what would that divine combination taste? The good chaps at Master of Malt might have the answer.


J. L. Lawson & Co.

Never before have we lusted for a corkscrew. But then, never before had we beheld this gleaming chunk of solid brass and stainless steel. From this day forth, we are spoiled.


On The Tip Of My Tongue

More than just an organ of taste, new research suggests that the human tongue has the potential to interface with your mobile technology. Tasty.


Cellular Annihilator

Thanks to technology, our interpersonal skills have gotten a little rusty. But Brazilian beer brand, Polar, have a cunning device that hopes to resurrect the lost art of drunken conversation.


Monkey Shoulder iSpoon

Sporting a cracking line-up of some of London’s finest bar-keeps, Monkey Shoulder celebrate the fine art of (bar) spooning in this short video.


The Map Notebook

The modern gentleman lets the world take him wither it will. He wanders his own path through the world around him. And this map, this is for such a man as he.


Neat Ice Kit

If you covet crystal clear ice cubes, but can’t be bothered with basic thermodynamics or DIY beer-cooler solutions, try this svelte prototype that’s burning up on Kickstarter.



You are already the future of home bartending. And now there’s a prototype, iOs compatible smart thermometer that’s just what you need for your latest experiments.


Beck’s Edison Bottle

An erswhile normal yet cunningly-crafted bottle of Beck’s which, when inserted into a modern version of Thomas Edison’s phonograph, actually plays music.

Charles Spence 1 Philips

Technology at the Dining Table

AR foodstuffs, digital cutlery & neuroscientific pairings. A new Flavour Journal article explores the dining (and drinking) table of the future.


W&P Cocktail Kit

From converted ’50s suitcases to custom-made carryalls, a place to keep one’s drinking accoutrements is surely a necessity.


Jameson x Reservoir Dogs

Your chance to win a limited edition tie from Savile Row-trained Richard William Green thanks to Jameson Cult FIlm Club.


Barrel-ageing cocktails just got a lot easier (and more affordable) with these variously-charred Oenowood blocks.


Skull Ice Cube

Slow-frozen ice blocks? Spheres? Diamonds? Why not just stick an ice skull in your glass and be rock ‘n’ roll done with it.


Sempli Vaso-Vino

Spare a moment for the decanter. Useful, elegant – your grandmother’s lump of ugly crystal never looked this good, that’s for sure.


Re: Sound Bottle

You can bottle fine Scotch Whisky. You can bottle artisanal perfume. And now, you can even bottle sound itself.


Sailor Jerry: The Anthem

As a testament to their rock ‘n’ roll creds, Sailor Jerry have put together what might be the antithesis of the ubiquitous maker film. (Comedy overdub at the end notwithstanding.)


Junk Bonds

Hurricane Sandy brought out the best in NY’s bartending community. And one self-initiated recovery plan caught our attention in particular: namely Fort Defiance’s bar icon Junk Bonds.



From bitterness and alpha acid content to aroma and flavour profiles, this is one data viz that deserves a spot on every modern (home) brewery wall.


Enkaja Modular Cocktails

As a devotee of the well-crafted cocktail, it’s hard not to be rendered mildly speechless by the Enkaja modular cocktail concept. And not in a good way.


The Wheel of Booze

Can there be anything in this whole world better than a Wheel of Booze? We remain unconvinced.