Mr Miller’s Boiler Maker

What, I hear you ask, does a line-up of intriguing martini variations have to do with the bartender’s favourite shot-and-a-beer? Candice Longmire, it seems has the answer.


Seasonal Sips

We’ve been erring towards the verbose a little of late. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, per se, how does a spot of Qiu Yang’s cocktail eye candy sound?


Scientific Cherries

When Darcy O’Neil popped this recipe for real homemade maraschino cocktail cherries, we were all over it like felines on excessively-warmed metallic roofing.


WSJ: The Peat Racer

Here’s a simple two-part recipe from the WSJ to start our Boilermaker recipes rolling: a smokey beaut that balances the peaty strength of Laphroig with a bitter IPA.


Beer Cocktails

Just to prove that we’re not the only folks utterly obsessed by boilermakers, here’s an inspired article by Jacob Brier on the aforementioned (and most heavenly) duet.