3D On The Rocks

The hand-carved, retro-modern, ultra-craft ice sphere is dead. Long live the ice astronaut!


Cellular Annihilator

Thanks to technology, our interpersonal skills have gotten a little rusty. But Brazilian beer brand, Polar, have a cunning device that hopes to resurrect the lost art of drunken conversation.


Beck’s Edison Bottle

An erswhile normal yet cunningly-crafted bottle of Beck’s which, when inserted into a modern version of Thomas Edison’s phonograph, actually plays music.


Sailor Jerry: The Anthem

As a testament to their rock ‘n’ roll creds, Sailor Jerry have put together what might be the antithesis of the ubiquitous maker film. (Comedy overdub at the end notwithstanding.)


Junk Bonds

Hurricane Sandy brought out the best in NY’s bartending community. And one self-initiated recovery plan caught our attention in particular: namely Fort Defiance’s bar icon Junk Bonds.


Salt Made From Tears of Anger

Liquid tears are for rookies. When real men cry, we shed pure, solid, smoke-infused salt. Don’t believe us? Buy some (it stands up splendidly on the rim of a Margarita).


Shanghai Debut Hennessy

Director David Lynn’s short, Shanghai Debut, takes on the Maker Film for Hennessy V.S.O.P. Elegant, evocative, and all about booze.


Captain Morgan Black Chest

Dark, brooding, luxurious, and with a leather-clad hip flask. Plus it comes in its own tidy-looking chest. Yespleaseandthankyou.


The Kamm & Sons Foundation

£1000. And it can’t be a cocktail. This has to be one of the more interesting cocktail competitions to date. And it’s from a boutique brand that we love. Well, that’s handy…


Pop Bottles

Who doesn’t love when young, underdog designers go to work on big brands? Not us, that’s for sure. And Anna Utopia Giordano’s mock booze-baby-bottles demonstrate precisely why.


Karlsson Unfiltered

The gap between marketing ploy and honourable initiative can be a furry wee beast. But the new Karlsson’s Gold Vodka project, Unfiltered, fills us with a hopeful glow.


Phantom Cocktails

Name us one (SFW) thing even as remotely visually satiating as a near-orgasmically elegant spectacle of slow motion exploding cocktails?


Jack Daniel’s Letterpress

With a delicious spat of whisk(e)y-based videos currently doing the rounds, there’s nevertheless something rather special about this number from the folks at Jack Daniel’s.


Remy Martin Seduction Series

Created by Merve Kahraman for Rémy Martin, The “Seduction Series” is a portable experience in liquid luxury. Jewellery meets shot glass.


Crown Maple Syrup

Tell me you don’t just want to pour this (in cinematic slow motion) all over a stack of fluffy pancakes, scattered with fresh seasonal fruits – or bacon, if that’s your thang…

motorman 684x450


Now, this is something we hope to see much more of: design brands, pairing up with alcoholic craftsmen to yield a product that glows right from packaging through to the liquid within.


Absolut x Gareth Pugh

Sometimes brand collaborations get it right. And sometimes they absolutely don’t. Which, then, is this new bat-ish Absolut pair-up with fashion designer Gareth Pugh?


Absolut Milk

On the whole, the new Absolut Blank campaign had us. But then the lovely cats over at Fubiz flagged Düsseldorf-based artist, Jørn. And Absolut just dropped a creative notch.


Campari x Romero Britto

The fourth bottle in Campari’s 150th anniversary limited edition label run, sees Romero Britto follow in the footsteps of AVAF, Tobias Rehberger and Vanessa Beacroft.


I Love Barspoons

SF’s Neyah White is the author of this touchingly self-mocking ode to “eHarmony Debbie” and her “I Love Cats” breakdown…


Vintage Bud-Ness

Hidden within the CNBC archives (don’t ask), we just stumbled upon this frankly awesome collection of vintage Bud-ernalia. Enjoy.


Baby Trashes Bar

We were going to come up with something suitably pithy for this fantastic trailer/viral that sees an increasingly inebriated infant take down a bar full of marionettes. But why mess with perfection?


Matthieu Forichon for Lillet

Sort of how we’d imagine those iconic Wallpaper* illustrations would have looked in the 1930s, Lillet’s new brand campaign by the French designer, Matthieu Forichon, are a step in the modern direction.


Johnnie Walker Gift Translator

This Christmas, Johnnie Walker have unleashed the Gift Translator – a genius Facebook viral in which a smooth, sarcastic chap in a turtleneck reveals the true meaning behind your prezzies.


Seasonal Bling

Belevedere go silver; Moët go gold. Same contents. Shiny new bottles. ‘Tis the season to go lim-ed.