The Map Notebook

The modern gentleman lets the world take him wither it will. He wanders his own path through the world around him. And this map, this is for such a man as he.


Adrien Sauvage: Dress Easy

Ordering a drink at a busy bar: The DE man has time on his side and a queue does not phase him. The DE man stands out from the crowd so never has to wait long.


Maison Kitsuné x Pernod

Alcohol and fashion go hand-in-hand pretty tidily. Case in point: this here Maison Kitsuné print collaboration with Pernod Absinthe.



Taken from the delightful Smith Journal, ‘grower, gatherer, hunter and cook’ Rowan Anderson builds his own Smokehouse. And it’s a thing of beauty.


CB I Hate Perfume

Perfume and booze have been getting pretty friendly over the last few years. And this stunning short documentary is only going to help the would be alco-perfumer.


The Dream of the 1890s

Ironic videos might well abound, poking fun at revivalism. But this Portlandia video is just genius. So wax your ‘tache, hand-carve an ice-cube, then crank up the volume and enjoy.


Whisky Barrel Sunglasses

Yes, sunglasses frames made out of whiskey barrels could have been so crass as to be offensive. But this Bushmills x Shwood collaboration actually manages to hit the mark.


Stewed, Shoed & Tattooed

With a title like that (a cheeky play on Norman ‘Sailor’ Jerry’s old slogan), how can a man of alcohol and ink not fall head-over-heels with this booze-led collaboration?


How To Stock A Home Bar

Mr Porter help out a certain young chap with a heartfelt dilemma. How exactly does one stock a home bar rather than just empty the darn thing?


Sharp and Dapper

For the active gentleman, with all that cocktail-shaking, hound-walking and other such rigorous gentlemanly pursuits, what is a chap to do to help keep one’s shirttails in place?


Gucci Rubber Moccasins

Gucci. Rubber. Loafers. Yes, you read that right. But for working on an apocalyptic Friday behind the stick or cycling in this summer of rain, are these the best shoes ever?


A Case Study for the Panama Hat

As though it needed one, the Get Kempt boys have worked through a brief how-to on wearing a traditional Panama for the modern gentleman. Even in non-tropical climes.


Lucky Peach

You know all about David Chang’s much hyped Lucky Peach quarterly already – but forget the hype. Tomorrow is June 22nd… and you know what that means.


Am I A Chap?

‘Am I A Chap?’ Yes, Mr Gustav Temple. Yes indeed, you most certainly are. As this, your latest tome, thoroughly asserts.


The Classic Blue Suit

Jeremy Hackett just posted this pithy piece about the wonders of a sharply tailored blue suit and the pitfalls of buying cheap fodder.Most worthy a quick read.


Urban Fog

An East London pop-up teahouse might not be that novel in and of itself. But the ghostly new Urban Fog in Dalston offers something rather unique indeed.


Rogue Territory Handkerchief

There are many things the contemporary gent doesn’t do enough. But none is sadder – so rendered by both its proportions and simplicity – than the humble hanky.


Mr Porter: How To Pack

The chaps at Mr Porter’s Journal recently posted a charming guide to packing. Now all a lad needs is a sporting piece of rare, original Gaston-Louis from 1901 and we’re ready to roll.


How To Be A Gentleman

Mr Porter bring on board John Bridges and his inimitable collection of Gentleman’s guides, to protect the modern gent from stumbling into any of society’s innumerable etiquette pot-holes.


Master Chart of Influence

If you’ve ever wondered what and who influences the hipsters and fashionistas drinking beside you, then take a moment to ponder this little infographic from the WSJ.


Tokyo Bay DIY Watch

There’s no excuse for being late. And this little DIY military watch number from Tokyo Bay takes the punctual biscuit. Talk about the perfect Christmas gift coming early.


Sroop Sunar: The Golden Glassy

The lovely folks over at UAL – the University of Arts London – just popped us some info about a new exhibition launching next week of Sroop Sunar’s Anglo-Asian re-envisioning of the humble English pub sign.


LayerxLayer Aprons

Protect your bartending finery without looking like a suburban grandmother – care of some charmingly utilitarian aprons by LayerxLayer.


Max Spencer: Hire This Man

From product to graphic design, conceptualisation to some simply stunning illustration. Max Spencer is a man to keep your eye on.


Macallan Masters of Photography

For this year’s Masters of Photography, the folks at Macallan brought the photographer Albert Watson on board to chart the journey their oak casks make from the woodlands of Spain upto their Speyside estate.