Latest Short Reads


The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Once more has the humble American mason jar raised its head in the cocktail world. And once more is it a joy and pleasure to behold. And, yes, once more do we want one.



At some level, we can’t help but respect the Ikea-ish Bar10der’s Swiss Army approach to combatting the entire gamut of problems that the bartending world could possibly ever throw at you.


Salt Made From Tears of Anger

Liquid tears are for rookies. When real men cry, we shed pure, solid, smoke-infused salt. Don’t believe us? Buy some (it stands up splendidly on the rim of a Margarita).


Master of Malt Origins

It’s funny the way ideas resonate simultaneously. Take this new range of singe estate gins from Master of Malt and a recent discussion on terroir. Dirt on the mind, it seems.


The Great American Bar Crawl

The whole of the U.S. condensed to a mere 9-bar bar crawl? Thank the good Leslie Pariseau over at GQ. And then go and see who made the cut…


Shanghai Debut Hennessy

Director David Lynn’s short, Shanghai Debut, takes on the Maker Film for Hennessy V.S.O.P. Elegant, evocative, and all about booze.


Shrimpy’s & Fictitious Inspiration

Shrimpy’s, the latest pop-up from Bistrotheque, has three interesting things going for it: long-term transience, its Ruscha-esque signage, and the entirely fictitious Shrimpy himself.


Art Beyond The Glass

Bartenders are real people too. And now many of LA’s bar-types are getting a chance to flex their creative, non-liquid muscles. All real bartenders. All real artists.


50 Ways To Open Your Beer

While we could muster something about this inspirational work of beer-art, it’s probably best to let it speak for itself. Plus, the chaps over at Kegworks got to the Paul Simon gag first.


Captain Morgan Black Chest

Dark, brooding, luxurious, and with a leather-clad hip flask. Plus it comes in its own tidy-looking chest. Yespleaseandthankyou.


The Kamm & Sons Foundation

£1000. And it can’t be a cocktail. This has to be one of the more interesting cocktail competitions to date. And it’s from a boutique brand that we love. Well, that’s handy…


The Dream of the 1890s

Ironic videos might well abound, poking fun at revivalism. But this Portlandia video is just genius. So wax your ‘tache, hand-carve an ice-cube, then crank up the volume and enjoy.


170 Year Old Beer

Whisky from the future. Now beer from the past. Is the scientific recreation of a 170 year old beer from remains found in a sunken ship foolish or fascinating?


Beer Is Good

Beer makes you smart. Fact. (Well, sort-of-fact.) But it does a whole lot more than even that. Don’t believe us?


U.S. Whiskey Map

Sometimes it’s your keys you can’t find. Sometimes it’s the way back home. And sometimes you just need to find the nearest whisk(e)y distillery.


We Are What We Eat

The folks at Massive Health break down the wheres, whats, whens, hows and with whoms that drive our food consumption.


Political Affiliation By Drink

It has long been known that one’s bar order speaks volumes about you. And now there are numbers and pictures to prove it.


Cuppow & the Audio Jar

The humble mason’s jar, beloved from Williamsburg to Dalson, goes convertible. Need a take-away coffee cup? How about an open source speaker system? Ball’s have it covered…