Latest Short Reads


Kilchoman 100% Islay

the usual Islay Scotches not peaty enough? Well now we have the latest Kilchoman expression – and apparently the first 100% Islay Scotch in 100 years.


Have Bike Will Drink

Rule #313 of Gentlemanly Conduct: Thou shalt not drive a motor car, especially within the city limits. But what then is a chap to do on those warm summer picnic days?


I Love Barspoons

SF’s Neyah White is the author of this touchingly self-mocking ode to “eHarmony Debbie” and her “I Love Cats” breakdown…


NYC Cocktail Week

You’d be forgiven for thinking the world had institutional booze-ups aplenty. And yet, for some strange reason, the NYC Cocktail Week has our curiosity piqued.


Food Culture Map

We love a good infographic map. And this number – charting ‘Greater Food Culture’ from Nobu Matsuhisa to Fergus Henderson – is right up there on the list.


Fever-Tree Med Tonic

As the skies turn a summer azul, a gentleman would be forgiven for thinking he was in the balmier climes of Cannes or Sicily. And Fevertree want to help you get there. Metaphorically.


John Gertsen x TED

For his TEDxCambridge talk, John Gertsen – the illustrious bartender and alco-historian – encourages us not to think just outside the … box but outside the glass.


Am I A Chap?

‘Am I A Chap?’ Yes, Mr Gustav Temple. Yes indeed, you most certainly are. As this, your latest tome, thoroughly asserts.


ECAL x Guillaume Noiseux

The University of Art and Design Lausanne together with Guillaume Noiseaux have created the perfect storage option for those vintage bitters you’ve been eyeing up.


Drunk On Politics

If your alco-political taste buds are all a-tantalized, here’s a pair of written works for your reading: one about the 17th century and one for the modern world.


The Art Of Being A Gentleman

The Chap’s Gustav Temple delivered his advice on gentlemanly style and attire back in February as part of the Hendrick’s Lecture Series. And now it’s available online as an mp3.


Takeaway Tequila Snow Cones!

There we were, mildly titilated by the promise of Indian syrup-slathered ice cones as part of the Festival of Britain. And then, paf! Takeaway Tequila Snow Cones, baby!



This Eukranian brandy caught our eye recently – both for for the bottle’s old-school elegance and its conscious consideration of the requirements of the modern (drunken) homme du monde.


The Classic Blue Suit

Jeremy Hackett just posted this pithy piece about the wonders of a sharply tailored blue suit and the pitfalls of buying cheap fodder.Most worthy a quick read.


Work Beer

What’s not to love about Work Beer? Especially on a Monday morning?


Killer Russian Vodka

First legendary mustachioed pornstars … and now murderous Eurasian’s are getting their own liquor.


Urban Fog

An East London pop-up teahouse might not be that novel in and of itself. But the ghostly new Urban Fog in Dalston offers something rather unique indeed.


Annual Manual for Bartenders

If the ubiquity of Gaz Regan’s 2003 Joy of Mixology is anything to go by, then his new Annual Manual for Bartenders is the latest must-have book to adorn bar libraries the world over.