Latest Short Reads


The American Bar Retrospective

Everyone’s favourite bar magazine finally moves digital with the new Class Weekly. And to get things rolling, they’ve included a fascinating chat between two old kings of the Savoy’s American Bar.


Ron de Jeremy

The porn icon now has a rum. Need we say more?


Brands & Social Media

The relationship between drinks brands and social media is a complex and changing one. As this insightful essay from The Gin Blog explores.


Rogue Territory Handkerchief

There are many things the contemporary gent doesn’t do enough. But none is sadder – so rendered by both its proportions and simplicity – than the humble hanky.


Mr Porter: How To Pack

The chaps at Mr Porter’s Journal recently posted a charming guide to packing. Now all a lad needs is a sporting piece of rare, original Gaston-Louis from 1901 and we’re ready to roll.


Beer Cocktails

Just to prove that we’re not the only folks utterly obsessed by boilermakers, here’s an inspired article by Jacob Brier on the aforementioned (and most heavenly) duet.


Hawksmoor vs Spuntino Tattoos

Will Beckett of Hawksmoor and Russell Norman of Spuntino: two icons of the food scene, head to head. The weapons of choice? The inked bodies of their staff.


Vintage Bud-Ness

Hidden within the CNBC archives (don’t ask), we just stumbled upon this frankly awesome collection of vintage Bud-ernalia. Enjoy.


Brooklyn Vodka & SF Cocktails

New York has a long history of lending its name to cocktails. And now to cap it all off, Brooklyn is getting a vodka of its own. All of this while SF is getting up in cocktail arms.


Vodkafest: An Apology

Sigh. You know there’s something awry in the world when people can’t take a joke… Especially when they drink for a living. You all got the Vodkafest gag, right?


Celery Slipper

We’re generally against flogging cocktail recipes, but this brief, delicious-looking video from Jamie Bodreau deserves a little attention.


Bottled Aged Cocktails

For those who want to step into the world of vintage cocktails without the hard work, The Handmade Cocktail Company’s pre-bottled aged classics might be the answer.


Eating Through Your Ears

Does music affect the way you taste? Does volume change your perception of flavour? New research defines the relationship between music and our enjoyment of food.


CB Smith: Great Food

Great food. Seminal authors. Beautiful design. An army of books. What’s not to love?


Scientists Find Alcohol Gene

Those wise bods over at KCL and Imperial have just published some intriguing research pinning down the gene linked to how we regulate our booze intake.


Journal de Nîmes No 7

The new Journal de Nîmes is so perfectly up our street that it’s almost embarrassing.


The Selby: Tony C

Bare minutes after we finished interviewing Tony C for our inaugural Chaser article, the marvellous Todd Selby put this little beauty online.


How To Be A Gentleman

Mr Porter bring on board John Bridges and his inimitable collection of Gentleman’s guides, to protect the modern gent from stumbling into any of society’s innumerable etiquette pot-holes.