Latest Short Reads



Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails is an all women’s classic cocktail society. Their mission: to breed, raise, and release cocktails that are endangered or even believed to be extinct.


Idler Academy

Like Central London’s fabulous School of Life – but with more of a sense of humour. The new Idler Academy ticks a few of The Boilermaker’s favourite boxes.


Suitcase Liquor Cabinet

If one of those lim-ed Perrier Jouet Dandy Bags wasn’t enough for you, then how’s this vintage Brooklyn flea market suitcase, converted into a fully-functioning back-bar?


Coffee Common

A selection of caffeine artisans have formed a collective called Coffee Common; coming together with the singular goal to proselytize the simple truths of great coffee.

Breast Milk Ice Cream

As molecular gastronomy and mixology join the standard stable of techniques, some fabulous flavours and pairing are coming to light. But none perhaps more bizarre than breast milk ice-cream.


Alcohol Minimum Pricing

There’s been a big brouhaha here in the UK over the government’s plans to enforce minimum pricing on booze. The Guardian Datablog puts the them into perspective.


Global Alcohol Consumption

Still relishing our new favourite infographic distraction, ChartBin, this rather worrying colour-arranged world map charts global alcohol consumption.


World’s Favourite Drink

A simple colour-coded map that breaks down the most consumed alcoholic beverages by country. Or, in other words, the world’s favourite drink.


Master Chart of Influence

If you’ve ever wondered what and who influences the hipsters and fashionistas drinking beside you, then take a moment to ponder this little infographic from the WSJ.


Baby Trashes Bar

We were going to come up with something suitably pithy for this fantastic trailer/viral that sees an increasingly inebriated infant take down a bar full of marionettes. But why mess with perfection?



Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. And when that fire is fuelled by a bottle or three of bubbles, this is the beast you need to reach for.


Glenmorangie Finealta

Modern Heritage hits the big whisky houses as the folks over at Glenmorangie release their latest expression: Glenmorangie Finealta.


F.A.T. Supperclub

So technically more foodie than boozy, nonetheless we have to give a wee nod to our friends over at F.A.T. and this, their inaugural supperclub.


Tokyo Bay DIY Watch

There’s no excuse for being late. And this little DIY military watch number from Tokyo Bay takes the punctual biscuit. Talk about the perfect Christmas gift coming early.


Sroop Sunar: The Golden Glassy

The lovely folks over at UAL – the University of Arts London – just popped us some info about a new exhibition launching next week of Sroop Sunar’s Anglo-Asian re-envisioning of the humble English pub sign.


Matthieu Forichon for Lillet

Sort of how we’d imagine those iconic Wallpaper* illustrations would have looked in the 1930s, Lillet’s new brand campaign by the French designer, Matthieu Forichon, are a step in the modern direction.


Grandma’s Weapon Grade Ginger

What’s better than ginger beer? Why, booze and ginger beer of course. And what’s better than booze and ginger? The natural answer must surely be: boozey ginger beer. And ‘natural’ is the right word.


What To Pack?

Whether you’re a photographer, bartender, novelist or general homme du monde, getting one’s carry-on luggage down pat, is a vital skill in today’s international age.